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Media & Consulting

“‘The Blackening’ hopes to kill off racist Hollywood horror trope.”  Reuters.  June 15, 2023.  By Danielle Broadway and Rollo Ross.

“Settlement reached in Michigan dad’s $1M lawsuit against school over daughter’s ‘modern-day scalping.’” MLive. February 23,2023. By Cole Waterman.

*Dr. Jones was hired as an expert consultant on the Hoffmeyer hair discrimination case.

“Hair Is A Sensitive Issue For Black Girls And Women.  Sabal Palm Elementary Wants To Help.”  WFSU.  September 17, 2021.  By Chelsea Long.     

“The Makings of a Black Hair Desert.” Allure. August 24, 2021. By Kaitlyn McNab.


“For Black Workers, Age Discrimination Strikes Twice.” Washington Post. May 14, 2021.  By Andrew Van Dam

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