Meet Shatima

Shatima J. Jones is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at New York University. She earned her doctorate in sociology at Rutgers University, where she also received her master’s degree; and she holds a BA in sociology from Hunter College.

Shatima is interested in the intersection of race, space, gender, and culture. Her dissertation, “Performing Race and Shaping Community in the Black Barbershop” focuses on how black people interpret and perform their racial identity, the processes by which they create community based on these understandings, and the significance of place and space in shaping these sentiments. The bulk of Shatima’s research employs ethnographic methods to uncover what black people think constitutes an “authentic” racial identity, how they signal this to others in everyday interaction, and how racially exclusive places shape understandings and performances of race.

At NYU, Shatima is writing a book manuscript (under contract, University of Chicago Press) based on her dissertation research. She is also embarking on a new ethnographic project focusing on women’s hair salons in order to explore gender differences in racial performance. Here she also teaches her signature classes, (De)Tangling the Business of Black Women’s Hair and Mapping the Urban Ecology: Racial Communities, Ethnic Enclaves, and Multicultural Populations in NYC.